In over 10 years of construction recruitment, I have seen more and more women entering the industry and have seen women promoted into senior positions, which is refreshing as it shows the industry is beginning to remove barriers. Smaller construction companies (i.e. These Are the 20 Fastest-Growing Female-Founded Companies in 2019 From vegan creamer to photobooths, the 2019 Inc. 5000 list features a remarkable mix of successful businesses run by women … Women in Construction UK is a quarterly leading trade publication that is valued within the industry. At the end of December 2016, there were around 27 million people in work in the UK. The best building company around. A largely male-dominated sector, it remains one of the worst in the UK in terms of gender balance. One of those companies, Renishaw plc, ha s a board of 70% women and regularly runs engagement programmes with schools, universities and the government to help raise awareness of gender imbalance and overcome stereotypes. The best building company around Home. Every issue of Women in Construction UK provides an update of news, current and upcoming projects, industry comment, training, interviews, articles, features, event news and product information – covering all areas of importance to our readers. Team video. Women in construction. Construction has always had a ‘macho’, male-dominated connotation. What is often misunderstood, usually by male workers in construction companies where women work on site, is that the base level of feeling comfortable is at different levels for men and women. turnover below €810K) are notably less likely to have female staff than companies earning in excess of €810K. We are based in Cardiff, treat every job as if it is in our own home and offer everything you would expect from a high quality, great value building company! The divide between men and women was nearly 50-50. At the end of 2016, approximately 27 million people were working in the UK. The statistics are stark and frequently quoted: women make up only 13% of the total UK construction sector workforce 1, of whom only 1% 2 work on-site. GET INVOLVED If you would like to see your company on this list, go to Of these, 13.6m were men, and 13.3m were women – close to a 50:50 About. The low proportion of women reported to be working in Irish construction companies is consistent with the data Female Building and Interiors. Services. A recent survey of 81 female construction workers by the Ucatt ... paved the way for greater female representation in UK boardrooms. Furthermore over 1/3 of all construction companies report having no female employees. WiC are an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes gender equality in construction. Women account for 12.6 per cent of staff across the construction industry, and while we already have 25 per cent, we are determined to reach gender parity by 2030. Tips & Advice. There are only six construction companies in the UK that have an equal number of male to female directors or are female-led. Data from the Office for National Statistics and industry surveys show that the number of women in construction has not increased significantly despite attempts to increase female representation. Companies are positively trying to make the recruitment process and criteria more transparent and celebrating the successful female construction workers.