For 2019, the Honda has thrown off its shackles, and accelerates, not exactly smartly but … Despite the affordable price tag, the Honda PCX 125 feels incredibly well … The new PCX125 went on sale in the UK in spring 2014. Electric and hybrid Honda PCX. Main factor for this is engine of the scooter. Not to mention about the futuristic design language, so what more can you want from a scooter? Four years ago, when we comparison-tested the PCX against Yamaha’s SMAX scoot, the Honda lost mainly because it was governed to a top speed of 63 mph indicated. Below is the information on the 2019 Honda PCX 150. Highlight of the 2017 Honda PCX150 is a 100 mpg fuel economy. As such, the PCX is perhaps the most refined and well engineered mid-sized scooter in the North American market (although Yamaha SMAX buyers may disagree). These include the … | The PCX scooter lineup from Honda whether it be the PCX150 or the PCX125 have been some of the best selling scooters world-wide from Honda and for good reason. There’s heavy traffic, tight parking and plenty of stoplight-to-stoplight action. In Asia there's both electric and hybrid Honda … 2020 Honda PCX150 Reviews, Comparisons, And Competition Sporty scooters from the likes of Suzuki and Yamaha give the PCX a run for its money. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2019 Honda PCX 150 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Scooter motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. At 40 MPH indicated the actual speed was 39 MPH and at 50 MPH indicated the actual speed was 48 MPH. At that time, it was a PCX125 (125 = 125 cc) and was a great little scooter that sold like hotcakes due to its price-point and bang for the buck when comparing it to prior models from Honda like the old-school Elite 110, Reflex 250 and Helix 250. The odometer was right on with our actual test of 11 miles indicating 11 miles. Fortunately, the Honda PCX150 is purpose-built to tackle these challenges and deliver loads of fun along the way. The PCX debuted in North America for 2010 as the PCX 125, and has undergone several generations since. The PCX is Honda’s top end mid-sized scooter design aimed at higher end global markets. 2019 Honda PCX 150 pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Agile, compact and efficient. With our V-Matic transmission, you get start-up-and-go riding without ever needing to shift. Honda introduced the PCX scooter to us here in the USA back in May of 2010 as an early release 2011. The Honda PCX 150 is ever so slightly optimistic. | New 2019 PCX150 Changes = Added Performance & Comfort + optional ABS Brakes! The Honda PCX 125 top speed is 70mph or thereabouts. It was replaced by the 2018 Honda PCX 125. 2020 PCX150 SPECIFICATIONS - Honda Urban riding is full of challenges. The top speed I saw on the GPS was 63 MPH on a level surface. With correct maintenance and services, riding in optimal weather and road conditions, it is possible. It isn't ideal for motorways. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Fuel economy was very good. – New 2019 Honda PCX 150 cc Scooter Buyer’s Guide | MPG, Price, Top Speed Info + More! 2017 Honda PCX150 engine.