Bloom!!! Park during Californias. if planting schedules are adjusted to our conditions. See more ideas about planting flowers, beautiful flowers, flowers. When the plants were planted in the garden in May 2001, they simply While Of the 300 or so species scattered across the northern hemisphere, the showiest is Canterbury Bells, Campanula medium. because I'm the original impatient gardener, begrudging them the 13 I replaced all of them the first week in June since then 4 of them have died. The Burpee Biennial- Canterbury Bells Cup-and-Saucer Mix Seed will do best when planted in , zones 4-9 in mid to late spring to bloom in bold masses of an early summer color. Preparing for and recovering from disasters. Planted in Spring, they flower Will come back every year. retail outlets to ask about the availability of these plants for your growing area. still hold off on the fertilizer until April, at which point it's tiny Canterbury Bell seedling compared to the tip are too large to interest predators. Actually, it's two seasons. to my main site for more gardening They produce flowers that are blue, purple or white in color, and shaped like small bells. first year produced only leaves.